The Big Bang and The Dots: A Sci-Fi Flash-Fiction

The Big Bang in advancement and the propagation of time and continuity of complexity in the newly designed volume of space, the structures developed exponentially and were, in no delay, ingulfed in the bombarded clouds of intense point-particles and friction by order of formations. It was this very instant, after pinch of fractions of smallest unit of time, that some very heavy forces began to applaud the newly established order by thrusting, thumping and patting the boundaries of once-limited region of zero action. It was at its core the formal-grand-entry of ‘existence’ and the debutant heroes were the ‘hot-boiling’ matter-particles that blustered onshore of the minimal dimensions.

Look, how big is it here!” One dot said. “My hemisphere, the portion facing this rush, this sheer rapidness, - its glowing and scorching.

I find it strange.” Another one, but seemingly younger, blurted out. “I am intact and can see you in just front of my bright fence. The old-dot over there is ‘fast’ and in hurry. It looks like he is being funneled down to the lane of adventures.

I am so done with clinging onto this brisk of uncertainty.” Now the dot got depressed. “I hope I can rebel against this tyranny, like what our fellow family members and that old did, and traverse to unexplored realms of reality. You can join me too on this journey.

What reality do you want to see?! This is reality. The world we are in, the adventurous place that old-blurry dot went, are all real.” Young-one stated with weight. “The place we were originally confined to was motion-less and still. We were aware of each other but were immensely-intact to even rotate. But that was our home, we lived eons there.

But now it, the place of our origin, is all exploded to nothingness and yet falling to form everything else for this new world. Let’s live in the ‘now’ of this lane, gather our fundamental stored energies and get out of this domain to free and ‘restless’ macro cosmos.” The dot was inspired.

The freshly carved system, of clustering and condensing of ejected out entities from the initial singularity, and the different sort of ‘forces’ magnified to supplement the initiation of later stages of universe-formation. The particles, that were once exactly identical, started acting, momentarily, at unalike intervals of passing of time, sufficiently different from each other. Some interchanged their costumes and became the owner of new identity. The diversified groups of particles formed with their own followers with their own belief, status, qualities and properties to interact with themselves, others and the present forces.

Time was still in its minutest of transitory pace. The time behaved uniquely but differently to varied species of units or systems doing things at ranging steps. The ones that didn’t even began their track to growing universe and the ones moving speedily were short in age than the ones who escaped their home but are slow in pace.

Do you believe we will be safe here?” Dot asked the younger dot. “Looks like it is the safest here. The boundaries of our place are now extended to infinity but, being at the centermost of this macrocosm, will surely do us no harm. I just wonder, how are they, the ones gone far and beyond, now?

I…I am not sure what is happening now to them but am sure they are all gone to something novel, unlike what we’ve even seen, imagined or felt. I don’t think we will ever experience what is out there.” Young dot sighed.

Why not? It is in our sight that spark is generating intermittently. The pull and push that we’re perpetually experiencing, trying to displace our position, is a signal in itself that we should take the just path to join the vernal face of the creation. We can’t justify our stray place here by just being the watcher of future and creating isolated system of ignorance. Don’t you see the sparkling clouds of remnants and colossal monuments of galaxies being built by our families and friends, and how beautiful they are?

Sure, it is appealing.” Young one articulated enthusiastically.

And, I want to be the one who knows the mystery behind all this and why. Don’t you?

Certainly, and happily.

The two dots, full with zeal, charge, strength, curiosity and passion, relinquished the firm grip of their position and welcomed the unforeseen adventure full of chaos, rules, rigidity and wandering. The minds of the dots were now filled in with ever innovative and growing appreciation and awe.

Complex but a beauty!” The dots promulgated.

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Shreesham Pandey

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